Commercial Insurance Products

"BOP Select" Businessowners Insurance

Meeting Your Insurance Needs

Some types of businessowners need even more specialized coverage. So, for several classes of businessowners, we’ve added an array of “BOP Select” products, which provide special coverage options for unique insurance needs. More than 60 classes of business eligible for BOP Select, including:

  • Appliance Store Owners
  • Barber/Beauty Shops
  • Card and Gift Shops
  • Clothing and Apparel Stores
  • Funeral Homes
  • Offices and Office Condos
  • Optical Goods Stores
  • Pharmacies
  • Restaurants

We’ve also added “Wholesale Only” classes to our BOP Select program, for wholesale businesses such as:

  • Beverage Distributors
  • Electrical Supply Distributors
  • Radio, TV and Stereo Distributors
  • Sporting Goods Distributors
  • Stationery or Paper Products Distributors

For both BOP and BOP Select, you can choose enhanced levels of coverage. Ask about our “BOP Plus” program.